I’m a Scientist, Get me out of Here! is an online event where your students meet and interact with real scientists. It’s a competition between the scientists, where your students are the judges.

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Students submit questions which the scientists will try to answer by the next day. Students then chat with the scientists our online chatroom, where they ask questions, learn more about the scientists, and let scientists know their opinions. It takes place online over a two week period.

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What’s involved?

Students interact with real scientists online and learn about how science works. It engages students who aren’t usually interested in science because it’s real and they get a say in which scientist gets the prize money. Students can Ask, Chat and Vote!

How much time?

The event is very flexible. For your students to get the most out of the event we recommend spending 2-3 lessons on it.


The event is targeted at students aged 14-20.


The event itself lasts for 2 weeks, but the site will be online for two weeks beforehand so that you can do the background work.

How secure?

Only students with our registration cards can log in. We only send these out once a teacher has registered. All online contented is strictly moderated to protect students’ identities and information.

Are there materials to help me run I’m a Scientist?

Take a look at the Teacher Resources page for all the materials we’ve made, including advice for teachers, useful links around the site, and suggested lesson plans.

Apply here to take part with your students