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There’s links here to all the scientists in all the zones we’ve run since 2014.

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Name About me and my work Zone name Date
Moses KitiStudy of human social interactions to understand how infections spread. Health ZoneSeptember 2014
Dorcas KamuyaI like to seek different views about what the right thing to do is (i.e ethics of conducting research)Health ZoneSeptember 2014
James OtienoGenetic and evolutionary diversity of viruses.Health ZoneSeptember 2014
Melissa KapuluI am very passionate about science and what I do. And this has landed me in Kilifi where I am part of a team trying to determine who in the population is responsible for malaria transmission so that we can identify the target group(s) for malaria control interventions.Health ZoneSeptember 2014
Priscilla NgothoLooking at two malaria parasite genesHealth ZoneSeptember 2014
Alex HingaI am a PHD student investigating ethical issues for public health surveillance in AfricaGreen ZoneJanuary 2017
Cheryl AndisiI teach Biology at Pwani Univeristy and I would like to understand why some people get very sick with malaria while others dont.Health ZoneJanuary 2017
Christina ObieroI am a medical doctor leading an interesting research study that is testing the safety and the body’s immune response to a vaccine that has been developed to prevent people from acquiring diarrhoeal disease in developing countries. Health ZoneJanuary 2017
Daniel MbuthiaHealth ZoneJanuary 2017
George MochamahI’m Involved in providing treatment to children with sickle cell diseaseHealth ZoneJanuary 2017
Ivy KombeI use mathematics to try and understand how diseases are spreadingHealth ZoneJanuary 2017
Kamal BhattacharyaI’m a PhD in Theoretical Physics, who moved on to Computer Science and then discovered that tech and science can change the worldBlue ZoneJanuary 2017
Patricia NjugunaI am a doctor looking after children while testing new drugs and vaccinesBlue ZoneJanuary 2017
Rita MudzaInteracting with people to get their opinions, values and views to improve our worldGreen ZoneJanuary 2017
George GithinjiI use genetic data to tell stories about where the pathogen has been and sometimes what it is capable of. Blue ZoneJanuary 2017
Charles KamauI support scientists in making the work they do, known to the public.Blue ZoneJanuary 2017
Steven AdalaGetting people interested in our research work, how it benefits them and how they can get involved.Green ZoneJanuary 2017
Beatrice AmbokoLooking at malaria treatment in KenyaBlue ZoneJanuary 2017
Susan GachauGreen ZoneJanuary 2017
Rose KigathiI am an ecologist interested in how plants respond to their environment.Green ZoneJanuary 2017
Henry KaranjaI am investigating whether germs known to cause small heads in unborn babies are found in Kilifi and its environs. Yellow ZoneJune 2017
Peter NguhiuI attempt to measure the extent to which people are covered with good quality healthcareEngineering ZoneJune 2017
Byron BitanihirweProblem solving research with a focus to alleviate the suffering of disadvantaged people around the world.Yellow ZoneJune 2017
David WalumbeI am seeking ways of improving services and care provided for drug and alcohol addictsYellow ZoneJune 2017
Esther MuthumbiWe have a love-hate relationshipYellow ZoneJune 2017
Kenneth RonohI am a researcher and train in the field of science ,technology ,engineering and mathematics – to understand how things work and build new products.Engineering ZoneJune 2017
Jacquie OliwaMy work is to help find cases of tuberculosis in children who are often missed outYellow ZoneJune 2017
Joseph Olwendodedicated scientistEngineering ZoneJune 2017
Erick OderoEngineering ZoneJune 2017
Bernerd FulandaI am a lecturer in marines sciences, fisheries, environment and all that concerns the sea; I love swimming, diving and exploring the sea/ the ocean, and just out of curiosity, try to understand it!!Engineering ZoneJune 2017
Caroline OgwangI am a medical doctor involved in clinical research.Health ZoneJune 2017
Derrick SsewanyanaA curious and enthusiastic researcher in Public health with an interest on Adolescent issuesHealth ZoneJune 2017
Marta MaiaI am a medical entomologist, that means I am an expert on insects that transmit diseasesHealth ZoneJune 2017
Sammy WambuaI am a Molecular Biologist, undertaking PhD research training & teaching in the University.Health ZoneJune 2017
Mark OtiendeI am a statistician and I work other scientists in KEMRI to study the health of the population in KilifiHealth ZoneJune 2017