Live Chat

Live chats are consistently the most popular part of the event — for students, for scientists, and even for teachers!

They are fun and give immediate contact between scientists and students. Students realise scientists are ‘real people’ and feel connected to them. Many teachers tell us that quieter students are more active in live chats than face to face and it can be an interesting change to class dynamics.

To ensure the scientists aren’t completely overworked by the live chats, we’ve set a few guidelines:

  • We’ll give every class one live chat
  • Chats are 30 minutes long
  • We can only run one live chat at a time in each zone
  • There will be two slots available each day — one at lunchtime and one after school
  • Please request your live chats before the event starts so we can do our best to fit them in
  • If you request live chats once the event has started we will try to fit them in, but cannot promise anything
  • Please do let us know if for any reason, such as illness, you’re unable to make a live chat — we can then let the scientists know so they can get back to their day jobs
How to book your live chat:

  • Use the form on the right of this page (if you are using a mobile device the form will appear at the bottom of the page)
  • Alternatively email with the time and date you would like to book