Health Zone Report — January 2017

The January 2017 event was the second time the I’m a Scientist project has been run in Kenya, and the first event to reach schools outside of Kilifi, with schools from Nairobi, Kisumu, Nakuru and Kilifi taking part in the Zone. This is the second time we have run a Health Zone in I’m a Scientist Kenya.

The Health Zone was the quietest of the three zones run this January, with the fewest schools taking part, and therefore questions asked. The engagement among the schools and scientists though was good. Students in the zone were engaged and focused their questions largely around health research, though also touched on subjects such as space, gravity, and physics. Cheryl provided nearly two-thirds of the scientist activity in the zone in both the ASK and CHAT sections.

This Zone report contains more detail on who did what and what questions were asked.

Download the report here or click the image: Health Zone Report — January 2017 (PDF)

We ran three zones in January 2017: The Blue Zone, the Green Zone, and the Health Zone. Read all of the January 2017 zone reports here.

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